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The King Beezz The King Beezz: GLORIA! The Singles Collection

This CD includes the 8 singles
released by The King Beezz!

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The Year: 1965

The King Beezz The King Beezz, based in Edmonton, Alberta, hit the Canadian pop scene. Five lads, three from Scotland and two from Edmonton, they were considered a British group and became part of the British Invasion.

During their four years together (with some personnel changes) the group toured Canada, appeared on television and recorded eight songs on four 45 rpm records. Some of these songs would appear in the top 20 in Canadian pop charts!

Original King Beezz singles are now collector's items and can sell for hundreds of dollars. Some of the King Beezz recordings can be found on compilations of "garage-punk" music.

Carl on Shoebox Radio Show!

Listen to the podcast of Carl Peterson co-hosting on Shoebox Radio out of Edmonton, Alberta as he discusses his career from the early 1960's with The Kingbeezz in Canada, to the present. Go here and double click on Shoebox-CJSR-01-29-14.mp3 to listen!

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