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The Story

In 1965 The King Beezz was founded in Edmonton, Alberta by Ron McLachlan, from Port Glasgow Scotland. The original group consisted of:

The King Beezz first single was recorded for a local label in Edmonton. This single had She Belongs to Me on the A side and Gloria on the B side. Due to the success of this single The King Beezz was signed by Quality Records, a major label from Toronto. Quality re-released that first single with Gloria on the A side.

The King Beezz Before recording their second single, Ray Carson left the group and was replaced by Don McLean, from Edmonton, on bass guitar. The second single, which was recorded in Ontario, contained Can't Explain and Gotta Move. The group's third record contained two songs written by Ron McLachlan: Now and Found and Lost.

By the time the group got to record their fourth single, in 1967, they'd been through some shake-ups. Don left the group and Alan took over on bass guitar. Bob left the group and was replaced by Derry Stewart on lead guitar. Ron left the group and was replaced by Danny McCoy on drums. The group's last single was released by Jet Records, in Montreal. It consisted of Sean's Song, recorded by Carl, Alan, Ron and Bob, and The Wine if Fine recorded by Carl, Alan, Derry and Danny.

In a few short years The King Beezz had risen to great heights in the Canadian Pop Charts and in Canadian hearts, appearing in tour and on television, before finally breaking up in 1968.

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