The King Beezz

From Don Johnston

My name is Don Johnston and I lived some of this history even before I joined the band. When I wasn't playing with my small garage band, I was at the Kingbeezz gigs as a fan. I joined Kingbeezz in winter of 67/68. Worked with Carl for a few gigs but he was essentially already gone from the band. Derry was still on guitar then.

Terry Thomas took over lead guitar shortly after Derry left in early 68. Al Camsie was on bass and lead vocals. I was in on late sessions (68) at Ray Short's Studio on 109th street, with Terry, but Derry Stewart did most of their earlier sessions after Bob Richardson left. They did Wine is Fine/Sean's Song at a studio in the U.S. I thought is was great. They had a contest on CJCA, playing the cut without revealing the band, and asking for phone in guesses as to the who the band was. Most phone in guesses were for Rolling Stones, Kinks, Who, etc. This was just before Derry talked me into quitting school and joining the band to add keyboards to the sound. Also at that time Dan McCoy left and Ken Chalmers played drums. And then the name changed to Raga Mood (just as we were doing the Ray Short sessions). We even had the former Stone publicist, Andrew Loog Oldham, do the notes for the record, but the band was dissolving by late Spring 68.

Just wanted to add these tidbits when I stumbled across this page. I'm working in San Antonio. Still playing. I spent some time down here with Carl Peterson who was performing at the Alamo and working on a history book with music about the Alamo.

Of course Rob Edwards went on to bigger things with Royal Family and Troika. Ken Chalmers worked at Mayfield Dinner Theatre for many years and is currently teaching in Calgary. Terry got a real Job and lives in Spruce Grove I believe. Derry lives in Sherwood park, last I heard. I talked to him about 4 years ago. Alan is in Britain and Carl wasn't sure where Ron MacLaughlin went. Don't know where Dan McCoy is. He was briefly married to my cousin, many years ago. I just missed working with Ray Carson but Terry Thomas took over guitar and and Al played bass. Great work Alex.

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